Steve Nober

Founder and CEO at Consumer Attorney Marketing Group

Founder and CEO at Consumer Attorney Marketing Group

Steve Nober, the founder and CEO of Consumer Attorney Marketing Group (CAMG), has been a major force and innovator in the legal industry for over a decade. His expertise covers the full spectrum of legal marketing, and he speaks at over 40 conferences per year on topics including best marketing practices and ethics in advertising.

Prior to founding CAMG, Steve ran the nation’s largest direct-response media-buying company in the infomercial space. Consumer Attorney Marketing Group applies the direct-response media buying model to legal advertising. For 12 years, CAMG has been running successful mass tort and single-event campaigns for firms across the country to help firms reach more prospective clients and attain the best ROI.

With seven divisions and a staff of over 400, CAMG provides the full spectrum of digital and offline media, including the legal industry’s only infomercial, radio, and print, as well as a full range of digital offerings, including state-of-the-art SEO. Consumer Attorney Public Relations complements marketing and SEO to amplify results.

In addition to legal marketing services, CAMG’s divisions include a 24/7 intake/call center, contract processing, and medical record retrieval and review. CAMG’s divisions are run to meet the highest standards of ethical compliance and with proprietary technology for efficiency.

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